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Biological feed additives

  • WEFASAN® 2005
  • WEFASAN® 2010

Biological crop additives

  • WEFASAN® Classic

Biological animal husbandry additives

  • WEFASAN® 2000
  • WEFASAN® 2001
  • WEFASAN® 2002
  • WEFASAN® 2006
  • WEFASAN® 2009
  • WEFASAN® 2017

Biological animal husbandry additives

A healthy environment with low levels of ammonia and other toxic gases guarantees ideal conditions for both people and animals. WEFASAN® additives help to minimise these negative factors. In addition, labour and energy expenditure, as well as detrimental environmental impact, are all reduced.

Liquid manure additive for the blocking of ammonia and mercaptan, bacteria increase and the breakdown of surface scum

WEFASAN® 2000 has been specially developed for the treatment of litter and liquid manure and is mainly focused on the degrading of surface scum. In addition, the product is equipped with ammonia and mercaptan blockers.

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Ammonia blocker

The toxic gas ammonia causes increased mortality rates and reduced weight addition during stock rearing. Should increased levels of ammonia be present in the air inside the housing and result in organ irritation or damage (to the eyes and respiratory system), this can lead to weight addition shortfalls of up to 25%. WEFASAN® 2001 provides an irreversible ammonia block and thus creates ideal conditions for both people and animals. Its use is highly recommended wherever ammonia formation presents a problem (composting, wastewater treatment, etc.).

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Composting accelerator

WEFASAN® 2002 contains an oxygen carrier, which leads to a massive acceleration of the composting process.

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Odour absorber

WEFASAN® 2006 is used wherever malodours occur. WEFASAN® 2006 not only smothers such odours, but also absorbs them.

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Effluent additive

WEFASAN® 2009 is an anti-stress agent for biologically active micro-organisms in wastewater. The product stimulates the rapid multiplication of these organisms and hence accelerated bio-degradation.

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Milking and skin protection cream

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The advantages of WEFASAN® 2001:

  • Major reduction in ammonia loads
  • Cut in mortality rates
  • Improved weight addition
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