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Biological feed additives

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Biological animal husbandry additives

09: Data

WEFASAN® 2009 is an anti-stress agent for biologically active micro-organism is wastewater. The product stimulates the rapid multiplication of these organisms and hence accelerates bio-degradation.

Additive for waste water treatment
Reg.No.: 15775

WEFASAN® 2009 is a product to be used in water purification plants. WEFASAN® 2009 derives from plant extracts and acts as stress relief agent for the biological active micro-organisms in waste water.

Overburdened micro-organisms will insufficiently decompose organic substances in waste water, will result in a slow biological decomposition and the formation of a scum on the surface with subsequent appearance of a foul smell.

Technical Data:


brownish, viscous liquid which forms foam after shaking




Do not expose to direct sunlight and frost.


Clean hands after working. Avoid oral ingestion. Keep away from food products. Keep away from children.


WEFASAN® 2009 reduces the foul smell caused by ammonia and hydrogen sulphide.

WEFASAN® 2009 accelerates the biological decomposition in fermentation towers and in putrefication beds, and simultaneously acts as stabiliser during peak loads (important for overburdened sewage treatment plants). In other words, WEFASAN® 2009 supports the ability of micro-organisms which adjusts to everyday environmental changes. WEFASAN® 2009 assures a satisfactory operation of sewage treatment plants.

A further problem in purification plants is the formation of scum on the surface, which blocks the supply of oxygen, which is necessary for the decomposition of organic substances in the purification process.


As initial dosage (until the initial foul smell has disappeared) 5 ppm (based on a BOD5 of 1000) should be added. As permanent dosage an addition of 3 ppm is sufficient.

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