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Air Environment: Air Condition

treatable malodours

all organic and inorganic malodours

addition rate

approximately 1,5 ml / 1.000 m³

Maximum temperature

< +90°C

Contact time

min. 5 seconds

Maximum air flow speed

< 12 m / sec.

Were do I get the installation?

technical design or installation will be provided by us

How big should the installation be?

size will be calculated by us based on given parameters

What is the minimum air flow that can be treated (smallest equipment)?

1.000 m³/h

Which air can be treated?

exhaust and supply air

Air Environment: Air Stone

Mode of operation

The components are admitted to the room by using the air flow carrying the active substance and neutralise bad odour molecules.

Fields of application

Air Stone type 500-M12 can be used in closed rooms with a size of 45–50 m³; the type 100-M12 is for rooms with a size of 10–15 m³.

How long does it work?

The Air Stone will be active for approximately one year. Heat and frost do not limit it's activity.

Instructions for use

Simply place the Air Stone on the wall, on desks, cupboards and so on. The device is working on the base of a controlled evaporation without any power supply.


The dry Air Stone body can be disposed without any problems with normal waste.

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