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Innovations giving relief to people and the environment

The company has developed by extensive research and development an up-to-date hygienic program, which is introduced and available internationally under the brand name AROMATEC. The wide range of products has an ideal and unique field of applications-experts confirm that the AROMATEC technology is ahead on the market by several years.

Besides the replacement of environmental hazardous products by environmental friendly products the main objective was the establishment of a brand name, which is easy to remember and which becomes well known and successful across the borders.

The objective of the numerous distribution partners is the placement of products, which provide a lot of advantages, which are expected by the consumer:

  • environmental friendly
  • simple
  • cost saving

Advice and support of AROMATEC is practised in an ideal way. This creates a long-term base of trust between producer and customer.

The developments of AROMATEC cover

  • Air-cleaner for households and industry
  • Special developments and problem solutions for the industry

AROMATEC‘s reliable products are a real environmental friendly alternative to the products, which are on the market up to now.

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