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...and that´s how the aircleaners are working

The new biological odour absorber from AROMATEC - the innovative idea of the year. The fantastic environmental friendly air cleaners for restaurants, industry and for modern housekeeping - test the best.

AROMATEC is suitable for the treatment of exhaust and supply air.

Scientific tested and approved.

Result: an explicit reduction of annoying odours. At the same time another test report confirms that AROMATEC-products are bacteriological and inhibitory to germs.

The problem...
is the tired, exhausted air in the room, combined with viruses and bacteria, which are a stress to the air and which cause annoying odours. This means very clearly decreasing quality of your life.

The result is...
a well directed reduction of the stress caused by odours. Regeneration of clean, fresh air in a pleasant quality for breathing.

The best solution...
bonding of the molecules causing annoying odour on a biological base. No masking or covering.

In addition...
bacteria are hindered in their formation and growth. Germs lose their medium. So it is a real innovation, which takes care of men and environment relieving their burden.

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