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There is an end with annoying odours...

Is your nose fed up with offensive smells? Anyhow, respire - the airsmell odour absorber is now available - the small new aromatic source of freshness for better quality of life.

If you are fed up with offensive smells and annoying accompaniments, just take the handy innovations from AROMATEC - and your living room, your toilet or your wardrobe becomes an oasis of freshness. A number of convincing reasons are in favour of airsmell.

Ideal for

  • Waste and garbage treatment
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Industry and trade
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Pet breeders
  • ...and many more

...in short, everywhere you can find annoying odours.

The highly effective combination of agents bonds the smelling molecules floating in the air and neutralises these molecules by a permanent bond forming odourless macro-molecules. Due to special compositions you can achieve with airsmell absolute freshness combined with various scents at the same time. Thus, annoying odours are erased absolutely.

Airsmell provides well-being, better productive efficiency and is at the same time the new, innovative solution for an ideal neutralisation of odours. AROMATEC -and annoying odours are gone!

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