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Biological feed additives

  • WEFASAN® 2005
  • WEFASAN® 2010

Biological crop additives

  • WEFASAN® Classic

Biological animal husbandry additives

  • WEFASAN® 2000
  • WEFASAN® 2001
  • WEFASAN® 2002
  • WEFASAN® 2006
  • WEFASAN® 2009
  • WEFASAN® 2017

Biological animal husbandry additives

06: Data

WEFASAN® 2006 is used where ever malodours occur. WEFASAN® 2006 not only smothers such odours, but also absorbs them.

Odour - blocker

WEFASAN® 2006 is a highly effective combination of plant extracts, absorbers and aroma. It was developed to block disagreeable odours.

WEFASAN® 2006 neutralises odour by bonding and converting the disagreeable odour molecules to odourless molecules.

WEFASAN® 2006 does not leave any harmful residues and furthermore the product is biologically decomposed.


Garbage Bins: Spray WEFASAN® 2006 3 to 5 times into the empty bin and on the lid. Spray WEFASAN® 2006 2-3 times on the garbage while filling the garbage into the bin.

Garbage bins for biological waste: Treatment as above.

Lavatories and sanitary facilities: WEFASAN® 2006 is directly sprayed on the surface

Places of domestic animals and small animals: Spray on places where the animals lie. Do not spray on the animals. Animals should not lie down until the place is dry.

Composting of biological waste: Spray WEFASAN® 2006 on the entire surface. Odour vanishes after some minutes. Also intensive smelling substances can be blocked (e.g. butyric acid).

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