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Biological feed additives

  • WEFASAN® 2005
  • WEFASAN® 2010

Biological crop additives

  • WEFASAN® Classic

Biological animal husbandry additives

  • WEFASAN® 2000
  • WEFASAN® 2001
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  • WEFASAN® 2006
  • WEFASAN® 2009
  • WEFASAN® 2017

Biological animal husbandry additives

00: Data

WEFASAN® 2000 has been specially developed fort he treatment of litter and liquid manure and is mainly focused on the degradation of surface scum. In addition, the product is equipped with ammonia and mercaptan blockers.

Bacteria increase, Ammonia- and Mercaptanblocker, Breaking down of layers
Reg.No.: AT 6045

WEFASAN® 2000 helps to reduce the bad odour of manure. WEFASAN® 2000 is mainly produced out of plant extracts. WEFASAN® 2000 differs from WEFASAN® through its ability to bind more ammonia and mercaptan.

WEFASAN® 2000 activates existing micro-organisms.

Technical Data:


brownish, viscous liquid which forms foam after shaking




1 kg to 10 m³ of manure


Do not expose to direct sunlight and frost.


Irritates eyes and skin. Clean hands after working. Avoid oral ingestion. Keep away from food products. Keep away from children.


WEFASAN® 2000 is added to the manure and reduces to a great extent the bad odour caused by ammonia and mercaptan. The effect is spontaneous. At the same time the existing micro-organisms are activated and increased. The manure becomes homogenous and existing layers are broken down.

WEFASAN® 2000 assures the satisfactory operation of animal stables and manure pits.


It is recommended to add 1 kg of WEFASAN® 2000 to 10 m³ of manure.

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