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Biological feed additives

  • WEFASAN® 2005
  • WEFASAN® 2010

Biological crop additives

  • WEFASAN® Classic

Biological animal husbandry additives

  • WEFASAN® 2000
  • WEFASAN® 2001
  • WEFASAN® 2002
  • WEFASAN® 2006
  • WEFASAN® 2009
  • WEFASAN® 2017

Biological animal husbandry additives

02: Data

WEFASAN® 2002 contains an oxygen carrier, which leads to a massive acceleration of the composting process.

Accelerator for composting, Breaking down of layers
Reg.No.: AT 6045

WEFASAN® 2002 is a natural agglomerate of silicic acid and kaolit. Through a special treatment of comprised quartz in the ground of a magnetic field and further treatment, a product is obtained that enhances the biological degradation of vegetable substances. Furthermore composting accelerator and molecular sieves are added.

WEFASAN® 2002 even breaks down thick layers on manure within a few days.

Technical Data:


fine trickling powder




0,5-1 kg to 1 m³ of compost, layer or other substances that should be decomposed.


at 0 - + 35°C. Protect from frost, heat and direct sunlight.


Irritates eyes and skin. Clean hands after working with the product. Avoid oral ingestion and inhalation. Keep away from food products. Keep away from children. Keep containers closed.

The officially authorised Research and Test laboratory ISEGA Aschaffenburg, Germany considers WEFASAN® 2002 as harmless.


WEFASAN® 2002 is added solely or in a combination with WEFASAN® 2009 or WEFASAN® 2000 to sewage treatment plants, sewage, algae contaminated water or manure (layers).

WEFASAN® 2002 accelerates the process of composting and additionally reduces ammonia to a minimum. The blocked ammonia remains available.

The effect is spontaneous. Formation of foam can be observed during the breaking down process of the layers and even thick layers are eliminated within a few days. The blocked ammonia remains available for the plants.

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