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Biological feed additives

  • WEFASAN® 2005
  • WEFASAN® 2010

Biological crop additives

  • WEFASAN® Classic

Biological animal husbandry additives

  • WEFASAN® 2000
  • WEFASAN® 2001
  • WEFASAN® 2002
  • WEFASAN® 2006
  • WEFASAN® 2009
  • WEFASAN® 2017

Biological crop additives

WEFASAN® Classic: key Arguments & Data
Increases crop yields by loosening the soil and activating soil bacteria

Over the years, the demand for foodstuff has risen rapidly. This has resulted in the intensive use of farmland and over fertilisation of the soil.


WEFASAN® CLASSIC is entirely manufactured from natural raw materials and stimulates the multiplication of natural microorganisms in the soil. These organisms produce “micro-ploughing” of the earth, which creates intensified plant root growth. The plants can thus absorb a greater volume of nutrients and grow faster, providing an increase in crop yields of as much as 60%. Apart from the enhanced root growth, “micro-ploughing” also loosens the soil, thereby raising its water retention capacity.

This prevents the leaching of the available nutrients. Moreover, this has the beneficial side effect of reducing fertilizer impact in the ground water.

Long term experience dating back to the 1970`s, as well as numerous global studies and tests have confirmed the positive effect of WEFASAN® CLASSIC. Moreover, the low quantity required ( approximately 3 liters per 10.000 m² ) provides a thoroughly advantageous cost-benefit ratio.

The advantages of WEFASAN® Classic:

  • Increased soil aeration
  • Improved root growth
  • Optimised water retention
  • Improved fertiliser utilisation
  • Higher crop yields

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